Having 25 years of experience on CO2 production and use, our Company has realized some firsts in Turkey . In Turkish, there is a phrase; “Squeezes water out of rocks” which is used to describe resolute persons. Not only have we “squeezed the water out of rocks,” we have also made ice from the water, which has a temperature of – 79º. 25 years ago, we have produced liquid CO2 by means of calcining limestone, from which then we produced dry ice. While commonly used around the world, this process was, however, the first implementation of the liquid CO2 production using low pressure ever in Turkey . Also, the tank that we have manufactured to use in this facility is the first tank that that is produced in Turkey that bore the LOYD certificate.

Our Company has also been developing CO2 processes abroad, and since 1994, we have been cooperating with YORK on the matters of CO2 and Cooling. As a result of this work, our Company has contributed two of the most modern and significant factories of Europe regarding CO2 production to Turkey . These two production sources have expanded the fields of CO2 usage. We have presented a new alternative to foodstuff manufacturers by means of using CO2 as a cooling liquid in foodstuff industry. Our Company has performed another first in the past year. We have started the process of agricultural products releasing CO2 to the water during irrigation, by means of which the pH of the soil is decreased and the plants consume more minerals, increasing crop yield.

Some CO2 Facilities that we have established:
Coca Cola Kazakhstan , CO2 production from fermentation
Barit Maden Türk A.Ş., Kayseri , 100 tons/day liquid CO2 production in Kayseri
Ağkar, 100 tons/day liquid CO2 , 25 tons/day dry ice production in Ağrı
Kimtaş CO2 production 15 tons/day
Coca Cola Kazakhstan CO2 production
Barit Maden Dogal Kaynak CO2 Production Plant 100 tons/day
Agkar/Linde CO2 Production Plant 100 tons/day
MEGAS CO2 PRoduction Plant 120 tons/day
Guney Dogal Gaz CO2 Prıduction Nigde/TURKEY 120 tons/day
Hisargaz (ULKER) Dogal Kaynak CO2 Production 100 tons/day